“Come on let’s make this dream that’s barely half awake come true.” – Matt Nathanson

I just finished my second week of training and I’m gearing up to start week 3. It feels really good to get back into running after the holidays/nasty cold snap, and I’m really enjoying the lap swimming. I almost forgot how much I love being in the pool!

I’m looking forward to SPRING because then I can get outside for my biking and I won’t have to use the icky stationary bikes at the gym. The spin bikes we use for our team workouts are OK – but when I’m working out on my own at the gym it’s irritating. The bikes there just aren’t set up like normal bikes! I also miss riding my Trek 7.3FX WSD (my Sunshine :)) so I want to get it out of storage ASAP! I know a fitness bike isn’t the usual for a triathlon – but it’s what I’ve got and I’m gonna make it work.

It’s interesting how easy it is for me to start this training…perhaps it’s because I have the right mindset. I actually feel weird resting on my rest days (but I’m not skipping them cause I know they’re important!) and going to my team trainings feels like normal routine already. I think I might buy a book on nutrition for endurance athletes though. I’m really not quite sure where to start on that subject.

I better get some sleep so I can hit the pavement for my run tomorrow! Night!


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