In the Groove

I’m starting to get to the point where my workouts are a habit – which is excellent. I haven’t made it to as many Team trainings the past two weeks as I would like (driving to Maplewood for the swim practice is a little tough for me) but I’m getting to as many as I can – and doing all the Team workouts I miss on my own.

My shoulders are a little sore from all the swimming I’ve been doing – so I’m pretty excited that I’m building the muscle there. I’ve always hated having wimpy arms. I’m considering looking up a strength training program specified for triathletes to supplement my TNT training….but I’m being careful about it. The last thing I want to do is overtrain and burn out.

I’ve got almost all my fundraising letters ready to rock and I’ll be dropping them off at the LLS office in Golden Valley tomorrow. WOOT! I went to O-town on Friday and brainstormed with Mom & Dad and that helped a-lot. My hands hurt a little from all the address writing and envelope stuffing – but it’s a good hurt. 🙂


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