It’s really not my week!

So the cycling plan last night was also foiled! Argh! Snowmageddon (6 inches from one storm!! UGH!) made going to the gym a not-so-intelligent endeavor. Darnit. Here’s a picture of what the frozen tundra looked like last night.

Thankfully I managed to hit the gym today for some spinning – but couldn’t get on an upright bike so I had to settle for a recumbent. Better than nothing.

Sadly our team run has been cancelled for tomorrow morning too. We’re supposed to have wind chills in the negatives and we don’t run outside if it’s below zero – so I’ll be heading to the gym again for some serious treadmill time!

Hopefully I can make it to some more team practices next week – but even if I can’t I’ll definitely be doing them on my own! 🙂

… and in closing here are some song lyrics that are motivating me lately.

“Go for it,
Run toward it,
Dive in headfirst.
Live life with no regret.
Put your heart out there,
Don’t be scared,
You might get hurt,
But it’s all worth it in the end…
Because the best is yet to come!”

– from “The Best is Yet to Come” by Hinder


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