Much better!

This week is going much much better! I can’t believe it’s been an entire week since I last posted though – time flies! It’s been nice and warm this week so most of the snow from last Thursday’s “snowmageddon” has melted – thankfully. 🙂

Got a run in on Tuesday, and managed to get to the team spin workout last night. I really need to work on staying in my heart zone 2 and not going overboard! Got up early this morning and swam some laps. I need to get some shampoo/body wash that neutralizes that chlorine smell. It’s starting to bug me!

Heading to Kato for a friend’s birthday tonight with my ASA initiation class ladies – so I’ll hit the gym (or the road if it’s warm enough!) tomorrow afternoon for a nice long run.

That’s my week so far!

Coming soon: A post on my personal honoree and our honored teammate!


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