Time is Flying!

I spent yesterday in Owatonna working on writing all my Thank Yous and getting the donations ready to send in from all the wonderfully amazing people that have donated to LLS through me so far! My hand still hurts from all the writing, but it’s definitely worth it! I’m working on a postcard reminder for people I sent letters to that may have misplaced the letter or forgotten about it. USPS has a really cool program to do stuff like that…I just need to find a good picture now…hmmm. I was thinking about taking a picture of my running shoes – cause lately they’ve become covered in purple ribbons and TNT shoe tags! We’ll see. 🙂

I made it to the 9:00pm team spin training last night – It was great fun! Although it was a little late and I was completely wired when I got home I’m really glad I went. I think maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this Zone 2 jazz. 🙂 Today’s a rest day and I spent it having lunch with some fabulous friends, exploring the Barnes & Noble in Edina, and getting all my Thank yous and donation stuff ot the mailbox….plus looking into Grad school applications. (How did my schedule get so busy? – No ideas here) Busy day, but fun!

Heading to the team run tomorrow morning in St. Paul – I haven’t made very many of the team runs so I’m excited to make it to this one – and excited that it won’t be quite so frigid!

Now I gotta figure out what to make for supper…..


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