Feelin’ the burn

Holy cow – has it really been almost an entire week since I posted? Where did my week go?!? I’ve really got no idea. March is just screaming by!

I made it to the Team run this morning on the Mississippi River Road and gladly did hill repeats for almost an hour. I’ve been spending so much time in Zone 2 lately that it was really nice to have a high intensity workout! I’m already feeling the burn – and I’m sure I’ll be in pain later… just trying to stretch as much as possible and rehydrate!

Missed the team swim again – and I’m disappointed because it sounds like it was a great workout. Hopefully I’ll make it to another team swim sometime soon! I got to the Team bike though and it was fun….gotta love sprints on a spin bike.

Heading to O-town today, gotta sing for all the services at TLC this weekend. I’m in a coed softball league as well and practices start tomorrow – so it’s a busy weekend.

I’m off. Later all.


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