Out of storage!

Well – Sunshine the fitness bike (is it weird that I named my bike? …perhaps. I blame Dad. He always named all the spiders in the house. Val & Cassie name everything too!) is out of storage for the year – woohoo! Dad & Nate had to spend some time helping me hook up my new bike rack, but we got it figured out – and now I can bring her anywhere. 🙂

The tires need to be pumped up a little, but otherwise she’s in good shape. I’ll be taking her out soon! I told Nate he needs to take some pictures of me with her so I can put them on my reminder postcards :). Hopefully I can get some non-cheesy ones!

I had a softball practice today (for a coed league I’m in with friends) and really realized how sore I still am from yesterday’s run! Sometimes it’s nice to be sore. 🙂

Sending in a few more donations today – and sending out some Thank yous.

Another humungous THANK YOU to all the wonderful amazing fabulous people that have donated so far. I really really appreciate your support. 🙂 (and I’m out of adjectives…but I think you get the idea of how awesome you are – oh wait…awesome is another adjective!)

It’s been a long weekend..so I’m crashing pretty quick here (at 9:30 – I know. Lame.). I’ll do my best to be better about blogging this week. I really still don’t even know where last week went!!



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