Yikes! It’s been a while!

Hello all!

Sorry I fell off the blogging bandwagon! Life’s been a bit hectic lately. I got a part time job at Noodles & Company -and this week I got accepted to grad school at the U of M! I start my program (MS in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy) in September – it’s pretty exciting, but there’s lots of work to do!

Training has been going really well. We started Brick workouts this month (Bike, Run, Ick) and they’re kicking my butt! This past Saturday the olympic tri team did a 25 mile hill bike workout and a 2 mile run in windy Afton. 🙂 I actually really enjoyed the workout- and afterward Coach Bob tuned up my bike (thank goodness) so the brakes won’t rub on the wheels anymore and it’ll run much nicer! I’m pretty excited about that. I got in an hour of lap swimming at the gym yesterday too. Our wetsuits just came in too so I need to pick mine up and find somewhere to swim in it so I can get used to how it feels!

I can’t believe it’s mid-late May already! I compete in a MONTH! Yikes! Crazy exciting, but I’m already nervous. I am SO incredibly thankful for my TNT teammates and coaches. I would never have been this prepared training for a Tri on my own! If you’re even remotely interested look into Team in Training – It’s an AMAZING program. I’m planning on doing another event next Spring (and recruiting Jeet :)) and it’ll be fabulous!

I’m going to do my best to keep blogging up to the event. Things are getting exciting people!!


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