I felt like blogging today…

So, I felt like blogging today. I’m not sure why…I’m not usually much of a blogger, but here I am! Maybe this will become a habit…who knows?

Spring semester just started, so I’m giving myself another lesson in successful time management (as I do every semester) and trying to stay ahead of the game with all my readings (I spent ALL DAY Monday reading) and papers (I have 3, 3-5 pg, papers due Monday/Tuesday). Blend that with workouts, wedding planning, and social time and it’s a challenge!
Wedding planning is coming along. We’ve got the church, reception hall, photographer (the lovely Krystle Wold http://www.justshootmephotography.us/ Check her out!), DJ, and my wedding dress taken care of. I’m bridesmaid dress shopping in early March, and our engagement photos are set for Feb 20th. I’ll be glad to get those done so I can get Save-The-Date magnets out to all of our long distance invitees. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do a newspaper announcement…seems like wasted effort to me. Nate’s driving me crazy, naturally. His ONLY (and I repeat ONLY) responsibility since we got engaged (August 21) has been to call the church and reserve our date. He put it off…and put it off….and FINALLY last week his Dad decided to do it for him. Really? It’s a 5 minute phone call. GRRR. Finding caterers has been frustrating too as he doesn’t want to do any of the work there either. Guess it’s all me – the girl who puts any kind of event planning at the bottom of her “fun” list. Actually, I don’t even think it makes my fun list. Anyway, enough about that. It makes my blood pressure rise.
My last day at the Noodles is next Thursday. I’m excited about my new job at the Army Corps of Engineers to start Feb. 16th. I’ll be working for the Regulatory Branch as a student worker in the federal Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) and helping program managers implement section 404 of the Clean Water Act in their respective areas. Section 404 is the part of the CWA that governs permitting for anything involving the alteration of a wetland, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get outdoors and help with some delineations. I’ll miss all the people at Noodles, but it’s definitely time to move on.
Is it just me, or is everyone born in Jan/Feb? We’ve got 2 birthday parties (Jared this Friday, and Jani next Friday), plus a Superbowl party to attend. I’m still trying to figure out what we’re bringing to the Superbowl party…ugh.
I’m pretty disappointed that I won’t be able to participate in Team in Training this year. With school and all that fun stuff I just can’t pump the kind of money into it that I could last year. Hopefully I’ll be in better shape for the fall season, or next spring. Nate has decided that he wants to do the Kingswood Offroad Tri (http://kingswoodmtbtri.com/aboutus.aspx)…I did it last year, and it was rough. But I don’t have nearly enough mountain bike experience, so hopefully he’ll have better luck. I still have all the training materials from last year, so we’re both following the plan. I’m back to square one since I (stupidly) let grad school derail me, but that’s OK. I’m thinking I might do the Lifetime Tri (not sure about Sprint or Olympic), or Chisago this year – maybe both. We’ll see how everything pans out. I’ll definitely be missing the Team though. I wish I could participate! 😦
Well..that’s all I’ve got today I suppose. It feels a little better to just get all that down in writing!

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