New Direction

So Spring is about rebirth, yes? I think it’s time to take this blog in a new direction.

I’m tired of just posting all my cooking pictures on Facebook, and honestly, everyone’s probably sick of seeing them so I’ll just post them here!
I don’t know how often I’ll post, but hey, I’ll give it a shot. I’ve got lots of ideas in my head, I just have to translate them!
Tonight I’m making Smitten Kitchen’s Raspberry Breakfast Bars. (The above picture is from the last time I made them, please excuse the bad quality – all I’ve got is a point and shoot!)
I honestly think the name is hilarious, because there’s almost 2 full sticks of butter in the recipe, and having “breakfast” in the name is deceptively healthy! I can’t wait until peach season rolls around because I’m definitely going to give the Brown Butter Peach Bars from Big Sur bakery a shot! Yum.
One of the other recipes I’ve tried lately is Boule bread posted by Ivoryhut. We LOVED it. It’s chewy, crusty and yeasty if you bake it right away, and turned into ciabatta-ish bread after it sat in the fridge for a week. It’s definitely in my permanent recipe arsenal.

I’ve also made a couple recipes by my hero a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman. I made her italian beef sandwiches, or Drip Beef as she calls it, for the Superbowl and got rave reviews. One of my friends keeps insisting that I need to give his wife the recipe. I have to keep telling him that it couldn’t be simpler! You just dump some good stuff in a crock pot for a while, shred it, and voila! Dinner!

I also made her Homemade Chicken and Noodles recipe, and I DID use Pastor Ryan’s recipe for homemade egg noodles (I’m quite proud of how they turned out!). We modified the recipe a bit by adding lots more veggies (green beans and corn mostly), and more cornstarch because I wanted it to be nice and thick. It’s nice healthy comfort food!

And last, but not least, Nathan & I tackled Smitten Kitchen’s (SK) vegetable dumpling recipe. It’s adapted from Alton Brown (AB) who is on the same pedestal in my world as The Pioneer Woman (PW). We substituted lean ground pork for the tofu because Nate took one look at the grocery list and said “Tofu? I think not.”, which is fine. The pork was delicious. He was disappointed that they weren’t prettier, but I do have to give him credit for taking this photo. He’s much better at food staging than I am… I think I have some work to do.
Anyway, we LOVED the potstickers (even though they only called for only a half a cup of Napa cabbage – really? I had to buy an entire head. It did work nicely with the Korean Tacos we made later in the week! I would also recommend that recipe – although I have no pictures. They were sweet, salty and spicy all at once.)

Also – please excuse our hideous plates. They were free. 🙂
So that’s a good start I suppose. Hopefully I’ll be motivated to post my adventures again soon!
Until then,

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