Crazy weekend.

I did mean to post sooner, but this weekend was a bit of a whirlwind with Grandpa’s funeral and all the business that came with that. It was a sad time, but it was good to see all the family that came from far away. I miss them already. I wish I’d taken my camera, but I forgot it. Oh well.

The 4 day hiatus from healthy eating and exercise was pretty rough on my system, but I got out for a bike ride this morning and I’m working my way back to normal.

Nathan & I went house hunting on Saturday. We looked at 5 different houses in the southwestern part of the cities, and it was SUPER exhausting. Some of the houses were foreclosures and full of mold. Ick. There were a couple that were OK. One of them is out of our price range, but has access to lake Minnetonka just down the road and possible dock access. *swoon*. I would ADORE living there. Maybe if I’m lucky we can negotiate the price down. 🙂
So this is a bit of a boring post, but at least I blogged! Next time I’ll have some photos. 🙂

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