I’m addicted to Spring Rolls.

Sad, but true. Well, maybe not so sad, at least they’re full of veggies, right?

I’ve recently developed a bit of a habit for buying the spring rolls they sell on campus. They’ve started selling sushi (wannabe sushi mostly) and the spring rolls come in that category, but I happen to think they’re fabulous. They’re great for a snack, or dinner with some added protien!
I didn’t really follow a recipe for these. I tried to recreate the ones I get on campus as closely as possible.
So here’s what you need: My batch made ~26 Vegetarian Rolls.
  • Cucumber (cut in matchsticks) as much as you need. I cut up one cucumber for these.
  • Carrots (cut in matchsticks) I bought a bag-full. I’m a cheater, I know, but you can cut them yourself if you like!
  • Rice Paper – 1pkg. (I usually find it in the produce section near the wonton wrappers)
  • Rice Vermicelli – 1pkg. You’ll have leftovers, but it’s yummy to use for lunch later!
  • Avocado. Sliced however you like. I used one – but would recommend two.
  • Lettuce – romaine or butter – 2 cups or so.
  • Dipping Sauce. We bought LeeAnn Chin’s peanut sauce (which is awesome, by the way) but Kikkoman Thai-Style Chili sauce is also lovely. Or you could make your own!
  • (Optional) Protein – imitation crab, shrimp, tofu, etc.

Sometimes you see rolls with red bell pepper, cilantro, and/or mint. I like this combo best, however.

So first – cut everything up and set up your work-station. I would recommend a non-absorbent rolling platform. I started with a towel and ended up moving to the cookie sheet. You’ll also need a pie pan (or something similar) full of warm water to dip your rice paper in.
Here’s what my workstation looked like:
Coffee was, clearly, necessary. And there’s a pan off to the left you can’t see that got moved over the top of the towel. Please disregard our nasty table-mess. :S
To start, dip a piece of rice paper into the warm water and place it on your workspace. It will still be stiff, but it will soften up. The first couple will be a bit difficult, but you’ll get a feel for it.
Once you’ve got your rice paper laid out. Layer on your veggies. I started with some lettuce, then laid avocado on top of it, followed with rice vermicelli, and put cucumber and carrots on top. But, do whatever works for you!
As for how full to fill it, unfortunately trial and error is the best I can tell you.
Roll the end closest to you over the top of the veggies
Fold in the sides
and roll it all up!
Here’s what Nathan’s lunch looked like (I took the rest to a baby shower):
These will be made again. YUM.
Try them!

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