My Favorite Smoothie + PW’s Chicken & Dumplings Review

As I noted in my last post, I’m generally a savory breakfast person. I love to have eggs and breakfast meat the most. However, lately I’ve been relying on smoothies (actually this particular smoothie) quite a bit for weekday morning breakfasts. It’s healthy, easy to throw together, portable, and keeps me pretty full.

Ingredients: 1 Banana, 1C Frozen Blueberries (I like wild blueberries), 1C Milk (or 1/2C milk & 1/2 C 0% Greek yogurt), 1t olive oil (you won’t taste it! I promise!), and 1/2 scoop Syntrax Nectar Chocolate Truffle Protein Powder.

Nate did quite a bit of research before we settled on Nectar. Our reasons are: Every flavor tastes good…even with just water &  it’s pretty low cal for what you get.

This makes one serving. Including, 3 fruit servings, 1 dairy serving and1 serving of healthy oils.

Dump it all in the blender, blend it up, pour it into your favorite portable container and go! Yum, breakfast.

You can also find this recipe on my TastyKitchen profile by clicking the badge on the right.

Now, for a review of The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken & Dumplings Recipe. Now, I realize that there was a bit of a debate on her site about this recipe. Many people have a cultural connection to Chicken and Dumplings, and insist that this is not it.  That said. I appreciate the recipe for what it is, regardless of whether the name is correct or not, and it’s yummy. So there.

I was going to make the recipe myself on Saturday, and take lots of pictures,  but then I inadvertently took a nap and my wonderful husband made it for me! It was the perfect comfort food for Saturday as the temperature stood at about -14 (including wind chill) most of the day. Ick!  The recipe makes quite a few portions, so we’ll be eating it for a while. We added some extra veggies to it, skipped both the half-and-half and heavy cream in favor of lowfat milk and will use a smaller scoop next time to make smaller dumplings. 🙂




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