Peter Reinhart’s Bagels via Smitten Kitchen

Bagels. Who doesn’t love them, really?  I grew up fairly spoiled by Bagel Bros (RIP), and Old Town Bagels (who replaced Bagel Bros) in my hometown. My sister used to bake for Old Town Bagels, so maybe that’s one of the reasons I miss it so. Anyway, in my current city? I have yet to find a satisfying bagel. I haven’t checked out the local bakery yet, so the only option is Panera. Don’t get me wrong, their “bagels” are tasty…but they’re really just bagel shaped bread.  A true bagel should have a crispy, chewy outside and a nice soft inside…and it doesn’t need to be the size of a salad plate.

I’ve been wanting to try this bagel recipe ever since Smitten Kitchen posted it, and The Pioneer Woman posted about it. It’s very time consuming (as any good bread recipe generally is) but completely worth it!

Check out SK’s post for the recipe! She’s got some great notes on there.  Here are some pictures of the process though:

The sponge. It rose beautifully!

The dough portioned out in “rolls”. I made a half-recipe and did the mini-bagel option.  They were the perfect size! I did use my kitchen scale to weigh them out. They were all exactly 2.3oz.

Bagel shaped now – I used the punch-a-hole-through-the-middle-with-your-thumb method. It worked perfectly!

And the next morning:  a snowy picture waiting for the water to boil

And boiling the bagels. I used the 1 minute option this time, but will definitely go for 2 minutes next time. They weren’t quite chewy enough for me.

The featured photo is post-baking – on the cooling rack. Next time I’ll egg wash them for better browning, and a nicer crust!

And, breakfast. 🙂

Try it! It’s worth it!



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