Green Monster!

I tend to rely on smoothies for weekend lunches quite often. We usually have a later breakfast so, while I need something, I don’t need something super heavy. Enter, the green monster!

Here’s today’s:

1c Milk

1/2 scoop Nectar Chocolate Truffle Protein Powder

1c frozen blueberries, unsweetened

1/2c frozen dark sweet cherries, unsweetened

1 small banana

1c fresh spinach (you won’t even know it’s there, promise)

water for blending as needed

It’s a good way to cram in some healthy checks!



4 thoughts on “Green Monster!

  1. Really with the spinach? That seems a great way to get extra dark greens in, but I love my smoothies (mine are usually 1 banana, cup each of fresh strawberries & raspberries, squeeze half a grapefruit into it, 6 oz. yogurt, flaxseed, maybe 1/2 orange juice and ice to fill the blender. It makes two 20-oz smoothies, which I freeze and take to work – they thaw by lunch).

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