RR: PW’s Chicken Spaghetti Hot-Dish

Yes I called it a hot-dish. Why? Because I’m a Minnesotan, and this is most definitely in the hot-dish category. So there.

Chicken Spaghetti is one of the first few recipes The Pioneer Woman posted on her website. It’s a basic meal that can be thrown together quickly, and it’s pretty hearty and comforting. PW’s recipe is pretty basic since she has 4 kids and a husband that eat just about nothing, so we added some extra veggies to ours.

Check out the link to PW’s site for the recipe, here’s some photos of our process though. 🙂

Fresh Veggies, plus some frozen corn.

and pimentos

Into the bowl with the spaghetti, chicken (we used rotisserie), cheese (we used colby jack) and cream of mushroom.

In the pan, topped with the rest of the cheese,


Hey, I never said it was something you could plate up beautifully. Hot-dishes never are.

Easy comforting dinner with plenty of leftovers though! 🙂


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