Restaurant Review: Bun Mi

Bun Mi is a tiny (there are about 5 tables) little hole-in-the wall sandwich shop on the University of Minnesota East Bank, Washington Avenue. They serve a version of Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches. I say “a version of” because I haven’t the slightest idea if it’s authentic,all I know is that it’s delicious!

I plan these into my day when I know I’m going to be stuck on campus for a while and I want a treat.  I’ve only tried a couple things on their menu, but both were delicious.

The Mock Duck Curry sandwich is a blast of curry and spice, deliciously messy and topped with the standard banh mi “pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, green onions and jalapeno.”  The bread is crisp and holds up nicely.

My absolute favorite is the Bun Mi special containing “Grilled Pork and Specialty Eggs” basically beautifully seasoned pork and a thin omelette stuffed into a baguette with the standard toppings, with the addition of “special mayo.”  Delicious. I crave these.

The Bun Mi Special

However, I must note, that if you want a Bubble Tea – go to The Tea Garden. No contest.

Authentic? Perhaps not. Can I get a cheaper one somewhere? Maybe. Do I care? No.  This place is convenient and delicious and I love it.


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