Or, Egg-in-the-hole (as my Brother-in-Law insists), or Egg-in-a-basket, Chicken-in-a-basket, whatever you want to call it.  I call it Toad-in-the Hole because that’s what my Daddy calls it. So there.

I’m sure there are a zillion recipes/posts about these in the blogiverse. I know PW has one for sure, and Serious Eats has a post detailing a toad-in-the-hole-grilled cheese which is simply ingenious.

This is how I make it, which is probably the same as everyone else, but I decided to share it because when I started making these for breakfast Mr. Nest announced that he’d never heard of them before. Um, what? That’s just wrong, so I must now share them with you.

Start with some bread. Take a round cookie cutter or glass or whatever you’ve got (I used our biscuit cutter) to cut a circular hole in the middle of the bread.

Melt some butter on a non-stick pan or griddle.

Place the bread on the griddle once it’s hot and crack an egg in the hole.

Once the egg is set enough and the bread is getting toasty, flip it over and cook to your desired egg consistency.

Mine were cooked too long, they weren’t as runny as I like :(, but they were still good!

Looking for a new way to make eggs and toast? Try this!


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