Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread from Serious Eats

I’m tired of store bought bread.  It’s either pure sugar or super-whole-wheat (I don’t have a better description, sorry), so I’ve decided that I’m not buying bread anymore, at least not sliced bread.

First, I made some multi-grain bread out of one of our cookbooks…and that one was just OK.  Mr. Nest has very particular ideas about what kind of bread should be used for sandwiches vs. butter and jelly so I had to search for a “sandwich” kind of bread.

Enter: the whole wheat sandwich loaf from the bread baking section of Serious Eats by Donna Currie.

It’s utterly simple, while being light and delicious,

and making a killer grilled cheese sandwich. 🙂

I found the inclusion of potato flakes as an ingredient to be a bit odd, but it turned out nicely! I think they add some lightness to the bread.

Making your own bread is easier than you think!


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