Our Container Garden!

It’s true, we have a pretty big yard – so we have the space for a full garden – but Mr. Nest wants to re-grade the yard sometime this summer (hopefully) so a container garden just makes more sense for us this year. Plus, it’ll be small this year – I’m new to gardening, and Mr. Nest has never done it on his own (his Mom has always had a big garden, though she doesn’t grow as much anymore now that they’re empty-nesters.)

So here’s a picture tour of our container garden. 🙂

Seeds. There’s also a packet of peas off to the right that didn’t make it into the picture.

Organic soil mixed with yard soil…which probably – un-organifies it…oh well.

Planting spinach seeds. 🙂

Our “windowbox” planters. Spinach and Sweet Basil on top, and Salad Bowl Lettuce on the bottom. We got brackets to hang them on the outside of the deck railing too, but the planters are too heavy! Oops.

Yellow bell pepper

Red bell pepper

My heirloom tomato plants “pineapple.” I’m SO excited about these. Heirloom tomatoes are gorgeous. Plus, is anyone else a fan of the smell of a tomato plant?…maybe I’m wierd.

Red Jack tomato plants

The potted rosemary seeds.

Pea seeds in a big basin (I can’t wait til they grow so I can stir fry them with the peppers!)

Balou, enjoying the Sunshine. 🙂

The whole family.

and the lonely strawberries that haven’t been planted yet. There are little green ones on there! I’m looking forward to the first harvest. Omnomnom

and last, but not least, Columbine flowers that went on my front stoop – replacing some of the hideous stuff the previous owners of our house planted. It’s a minor improvement, but every little bit helps!


2 thoughts on “Our Container Garden!

  1. Congrats on your first garden! Be careful though…I started out small, and here I am a few years later with fourteen tomato plants and a whole bunch of other vegetables! Oh, and I completely agree that tomato plants smell amazing!

    • Thanks! I can’t wait until that point. I want to can my own tomatoes and stuff sometime in the future. Once we get all the yard stuff in order we’ll actually be able to put the tomato plants in the ground, which will be awesome. 🙂

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