Basic Sliders for a Summer Friday Night

Good news, I’m back! Sorry for being MIA for so long, I was finishing up my final project for my Master’s degree and it kindof dominated my life for a while. School will do that to you. I have, however, mostly graduated (just a couple minor changes to my paper) and am back!

I thought I’d start with some quintessential summer food, well, to me anyway. Burgers!

Like most Midwesterners (I imagine anyway) once it starts to heat up, we use our grill constantly. That was the plan tonight, but Mr. Nest didn’t want to wait for the grill to get rolling (we only have a mini-charcoal one, I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to post a picture soon) so we used the stove.

Here’s my recipe – it’s tailored for two with two sliders each:

  • 6oz lean ground beef
  • 2oz turkey italian sausage
  • 4 King’s Hawaiian Rolls
  • white cheddar to taste (or whatever cheese floats your boat)

Basically you want 2 parts beef to one part sausage, planning on about 2oz of meat (raw weight) per slider. You want to form them up and put a little dimple in the middle, that way they won’t poof up too much while they’re cooking.

Put them on the grill (or in your skillet, in my case this time) and cook them up to your desired done-ness.

While they’re cooking, slice the rolls. Don’t be like me and slice your finger with the bread knife. I also had the cheese on the same plate. I’m currently wishing I had bought more than the 4-pack of King’s Hawaiian Rolls. I love those things. With spinach dip? Heaven.

Please pretend I actually have lovely countertop on my island, and not a hideous sheet of particle board. It’s been 7 months, so hopefully soon!

When the burgers are getting close to done, put the cheese on top and either cover your grill or put a cover on your pan. That way the cheese will get nice and melty. Then, plate them up!

YUM. We had ours with some green beans, and leftover roasted potatoes. It was ready in 10 minutes or less (with the potatoes being leftover) and delicious, naturally.

That’s the entire container of potatoes, I didn’t eat all of those by myself!

Happy Weekend!



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