A trip to the Farmer’s Market

This post is coming about a week late. Sad, I know, but there it is. Myself, Mr. Nest checked out the Mill City Farmer’s Market in downtown Minneapolis with E & J last weekend, and LOVED it. I did, anyway. We hit up Chef Shack for some french toast with bacon beer brat and an order of mini donuts for breakfast,

Mr. Nest also had their softshell crab sandwich for lunch. Oh. My. Goodness. is that thing delicious

I also grabbed some organic produce: some fabulous lettuces (since mine isn’t ready yet), and some mozzarella that is clearly made from grass fed cattle. You can almost taste the grass (don’t freak out it’s a GOOD thing). The lettuces are from Loon Organics, the arugula (in the bag) is from Burning River Organic Farm, and I can’t remember where the cheese was from (oops).

and some wild rice from Northern Lakes Wild Rice. Yum! I need to find a good recipe for wild rice porridge (probably not the right term – but it’s like oatmeal, but with wild rice). Anyone have one?

We also watched a cooking demo where Heather Hartman made Bison Tataki with Wild Rice using sustainable, grass fed Bison from Wild Idea farms, baby bok choy from Loon Organics and wild rice from Northern Lakes Wild Rice. The products used were absolutely GORGEOUS. I wish I had the disposable cash available to buy from Wild Idea farms, but I just don’t right now. Maybe I’ll pick up a couple strip steaks sometime for a special occasion.

If you’re in the area, check out Mill City Farmer’s Market! It’s a great place to get organic sustainable food and it’s a fun event for a Saturday morning. If you’re not in the area, check out your local farmer’s market instead, but pay attention. If  the produce is in the same plastic bag you’d find at the grocery store, it’s the same stuff. Don’t buy it.

Yay weekend!


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