My 2012 Goals

I’m not usually a New Year’s resolution kind of person, mostly because I feel like it doesn’t really mean much. The standard ones seem to be “count calories,” exercise every day,” “lose weight,” or other very specific and possibly unattainable things.

I have decided to put together a short list of goals for this year. You’ll notice that most of them are pretty flexible (hey – I’m going to have a newborn in 4 months, I have a feeling flexibility is going to be essential) and they’re really things I’ve been working on anyway.  There are a couple specific things that I would like to do, and hopefully getting them on the list will motivate me a bit more.

Goals for 2012

  • Nourish myself and my family with healthy food as often as possible.

I already do this as much as possible, but I feel like it’s even more important with Tot on the way.  The way we eat in his formative years is likely to affect the way he approaches food for the rest of his life.  It may not matter so much in the first 9 months of his life, but it’s never too early to start, right? Besides, he’ll likely be getting a significant portion of his nutrition from me in the next year and I want to make sure I’m providing him with the nutrients he needs.

  • Try to make more food items at home (i.e. marinara sauce & bread) instead of buying from the store.

Working on this! I’ve been bad about the bread lately, but at least I’ve been buying whole wheat! There are so many things that are easy, cheaper and healthier to make at home so I’m going to make an active effort to include them in my normal practices more than I have been.

  • Have a date night (either out or at home) w/ Mr. Nest at least once a month.

This one’s pretty self explanatory, and I think it will be even more important once Tot arrives. It’s easy to get so caught up in everyday life that you forget to pay attention to your partner, even though you see them every day.

  • Take better care of the garden this year.

Last year was my first time having a garden (unless you count the one my mom had when I was 4) so I was mostly flying by the seat of my pants and relying on the expertise of Mr. Nest and my MIL. This year I feel like I have a better grasp on how things work (and this time we will either eat or can our peas before they shrivel on us!)

  • Do more canning (jarring?) of vegetables and fruit from the garden/farmer’s market to get us through the winter.

I try to avoid commercially canned food (it probably has something to do with the canning company in my hometown), so I’d like to do more of this for myself. I also definitely prefer the taste of homemade jams and preserves to store bought. It’s cheaper, and I have more control over what is going into the food my family eats.

  • Exercise in moderation doing things I enjoy on a regular basis (at least 3x a week).

I have found that I have too often taken the “you have to have a goal!” advice to heart and committed myself to training for endurance races and the like. While I enjoy this to a degree, I found this past summer when I was training for a half-marathon (which I didn’t run due to my pregnancy) that I was enjoying my workouts less and less because I felt obligated to do them. My run workouts had to be the priority, and I was desperately missing inline skating, biking, swimming and other sports. This year, I just want to focus on staying active by doing what sounds good to me that day. I do intend to challenge myself, but in a non-restrictive manner. Will I still run? Yes, probably, but I don’t plan to focus on it quite so exclusively.

  • Blog on a fairly regular basis about things I want to blog about. This does not include attempting perfection, whatever that is.

I touched on this a bit in my last post. I was spending way too much time trying to make my blog “cool” and not blogging for myself. So this year, I can’t promise to blog every day, or even every week, but I will blog….and when I do, it will be about things I’m doing anyway – not things I do specifically for the blog.

  • Take a class through community education.

I’ve always wanted to do this, but never managed it. Hopefully this year is the year. I’m also hoping it helps me meet more people where we currently live.

  • Do a better job of maintaining the cleanliness of our home.

Sometimes the sweeping and dusting and everything slips through my fingers. Please tell me I’m normal! Of course, our house doesn’t belong anywhere near an episode of Hoarders or anything, but it can always be cleaner than it is! I found a “clean your house in ~15 minutes a day” on Pinterest, and am going to try that plan – but I’m not restricting myself to that. I just want to keep our house at a level of cleanliness that makes us feel most comfortable.

Have you set any goals for your 2012?


2 thoughts on “My 2012 Goals

  1. Newman's Corner says:

    Nice goal list! We make homemade bread, tortillas and seasonings for tacos and fajitas. It seems like it’s a lot easier to do it that way than to buy the packets at the store, plus you know what you’re putting in it!

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