Weekly Menu Plan 1/2/2011-1/8/2011

Here’s this week’s menu plan! Things might get shifted around depending on what we’re in the mood for each night, but this is the general plan.

Early Prep: Make brown rice & roast squash for salads

Brown rice was made last night, and the squash will get prepped today.

Monday: Butternut Squash Pasta w/ Chicken Apple Sausage

We were supposed to have this last night, but I didn’t feel like cooking so we had leftovers instead and will have it tonight.

Tuesday: Shrimp w/ Peanut Sauce & brown rice

This recipe of Zuzana’s on Bodyrock.tv caught my eye, so we’re giving it a try! I’ll dial down the spice since Mr. Nest isn’t a fan, and probably add some more veggies.

Wednesday: Roasted chicken & acorn squash w/ veggie

We always have chicken in the freezer (Mr. Nest’s parents raise them) so I’ll roast one up w/ some acorn squash (still working on that cooler-full-of-squash situation) and a veggie.

Thursday: Spinach salads w/ roasted squash, dried cherries, parmesan, avocado, chicken, etc.

Spinach will be the base, and I’ll just add whatever’s available. I know we’ll have the above ingredients around, so they’ll most likely be tossed into the salads.

Friday:  Hot ham & cheese w/ tomato soup

Soup with grilled ham & cheese. Super basic. Nothing special. I’ll probably grab some tomato and roasted red pepper soup since it’s my favorite.

Saturday: Crockpot Garlic Meatballs in Tomato Sauce over leftover rice

I usually make this recipe of mine but Zuzana’s recipe looks good too, so we’re going to try it this week. I’ll use jarred tomatoes instead of fresh since fresh ones really aren’t very tasty this time of year, I’ll probably toss them in the crockpot because it’s easy and I won’t make quite so much as she did!

Sunday: Slow cooker veggie lasagna, garlic bread

I’ve never tried to make lasagna in the crockpot before so I’m intrigued. We’ll see how it turns out! This should give some good leftovers for weekday lunches too.

Lots of slow cooker and quick prep meals this week.  I’ve been really into the slow cooker lately.  It’s nice to have dinner done when you get home (and have less dishes to deal with!). What are you having for dinner this week? I’m always interested in new ideas!


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