Butternut Squash Chili Recipe Review

We made this Butternut Squash Chili last week for a weeknight dinner, so I thought I’d review the recipe since it was our first time trying it.

It’s very filling, and a great way to use up butternut squash if you have a giant stash like we do. The squash gives the chili some really nice texture, but it is pretty sweet so be prepared for that.  I prepped everything the night before and just threw the crockpot insert into the fridge to drop into the heating element in the morning. It worked beautifully, plus dinner was ready when I got home and there were almost no dishes that night. WIN! We topped ours with cheese, saltines, light sour cream and avocado chunks.

The only real change we would make is to increase the amount of the spices, because they were overwhelmed by the sweetness of the squash. I’ll probably at least double each one.

The picture is my lunch serving with spinach stirred in (I do this to everything lately in an attempt to squeeze more leafy greens into my diet) and topped with cheese. It’s a nice filling lunch on a cold day, great for leftovers!


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