Zuzana’s Shrimp with Peanut Sauce recipe review

Zuzana’s shrimp with peanut sauce is another new recipe we tried recently.  I love Asian inspired food, and lately pretty much anything containing peanut butter sounds good to me!

This meal was super quick to throw together (15 minutes tops) because I prepped a big batch of brown rice this past weekend. We just had to heat it up and top it with the shrimp and sauce mixture.  We didn’t have any oranges, so I just thinned the sauce with a little regular orange juice, and our creamy peanut butter worked just fine (though I think the crunchy PB would provide some nice texture!).

Our big change would be to cook all the onions and skip the raw portion added to the sauce.  We thought the raw onion was a bit too overwhelming. We also added some fresh spinach to our servings, and I’ll probably add some more veggies like bell pepper or snow peas next time, just to add more substance and fiber to the meal. I sprinkled mine with a little bit of Maggi seasoning as well (but soy sauce would work too) and I thought that added some nice depth.

Please forgive the terrible photo. It’s my lunch serving again, and flourescent lighting + a pyrex container does not make for great photos. (I’m no photographer.)


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