Recipe Review: Individual Chicken Pot Pies

We made Annie’s recipe for individual pot pies for dinner tonight. They were originally planned for Monday, but they just ended up being too time consuming to make for a weeknight dinner.

These really turned out quite well. Pot pies are something I think many people see as daunting, maybe just because of the crust? In reality, however, they’re pretty simple, albeit slightly time consuming to make, I was originally unsure of what I was going to make them in because I don’t have special little containers for individual pot pies just sitting in my cupboard, you know? Luckily, a friend was able to recommend the use of disposable mini loaf pans and that worked out beautifully!

The pies are chock full of veggies and chicken, a very filling comfort food.  I also like the fact that I know exactly what went into these as opposed to the kind of pot pie you get at the grocery store. There are more and higher quality vegetables, good chicken and the recipe is pretty low in sodium (if that’s something you worry about.) It’s not a low calorie food, but it does have many healthy ingredients so I think it’s a reasonable choice every once in a while.

This is nice because we had dinner for tonight, plus now there will be four more pies in the fridge waiting to be defrosted for another meal and I’m sure I can reuse the mini loaf pans.

The only real change I made was to add some corn to the veggie mixture. I’d probably add some more seasoning next time, and the individual serving was actually about double what I needed (I’ve got a little more than half sitting in the fridge right now) so I need to figure out a good size container for next time so I can make smaller ones.  Mr. Nest inhaled his whole pie along with his salad though, so I think I might need to make two different sizes.

Happy Saturday!

– Monica


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