Weekly Menu Plan 1/23-1/29

I’m not really on the ball this week, sorry!

This is a light week because we’re so busy that we’re not really going to need a fully planned meal week. I only have 4 meals planned.

Early Prep: Batch of brown rice

Pork chops w/ Apples, Brown Rice & Veggie

This is probably our favorite Abs Diet Recipe (the author also does the Eat This, Not That! stuff).

Spinach and Mushroom Frittata w/ Salad

This’ll be a freehand frittata. I’ll toss some mushrooms, spinach (probably lightly sauteed), cheese and maybe a little thawed Jones Light Sausage into a square pyrex, add enough eggs to cover  it and bake it until no longer jiggly in the middle. Easy breakfast for dinner!

Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken w/ Green Beans & Brown Rice

Time to break out the trusty crockpot again.  This recipe looks delicious!

Spinach Stuffed Shells w/ Salad

This is recycled from last week – and you can find the link on last week’s post. We had a ton of leftovers sitting in the fridge, so I didn’t want to make something else that was going to provide leftovers.  So I’ll make it later this week when our leftovers start to run out.

Other things to make: Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread, Whole Wheat English Muffins

I’ll make the cinnamon swirl bread when we run out of pumpkin protein bars from last week – we’re still working on those, and I just want some english muffins. 🙂

Have a good week!



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