Very late weekly meal plan 3/26 – 4/1

Sorry this is so late! I have no good excuses. Next week’s plan is almost done, so that will be up ON TIME for once.  I’m also working on a post about my make-ahead meal prep plans for when Tot arrives – coming soon!

Early Prep: Make Mexican Rice  for Peppers(freeze extra)

Monday: Chipotle

We had childbirth class this evening (yawn), so we made a quick stop at Chipotle for dinner.  I had a chicken salad. It was delicious.

Tuesday: Rotisserie Chicken, Wild Rice, Green beans

I was pretty exhausted from a later night Monday, so I just went with a rotisserie chicken. Plus now we have leftover chicken in the fridge. Love that.

Wednesday: Beef w/ Snow Peas & Brown Rice

I’m really ramping up the food prep for baby-arrival, so I’ll be making a double recipe of the meat w/ marinade and tossing it in the freezer. Hopefully that will make for a quick-cooking meal down the line.

Thursday: Salmon, Wild Rice & Veggies

Roasted salmon, leftover wild rice, some veggies.  Very easy. I’m trying to give myself more easy meal-prep nights as I get more fatigued.

Friday: Stuffed Peppers & “Refried” Black Beans 

This is another “make-extra-and-freeze” deal. I’ll prep the stuffed peppers up to the baking stage, and then freeze them. They should be pretty easy to defrost and bake later. I have a post on these peppers too, so you can search for it if you’re wondering how I make them. The black beans are just heated up with some spices. It’s surprising how creamy they get!

Saturday: I won’t be home for dinner this evening, so Mr. Nest will have to fend for himself. It’ll probably involve a rotisserie chicken sandwich or something like that.

Sunday: Pita Pizzas w/ Salad

Mushroom and Pepperoni pizzas on pitas w/ salad. Another simple one.


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