My General Ideas for Getting Back to Comfortable Post-Baby

In this most-uncomfortable phase of pregnancy (17 days until my due date – YIKES!) I’ve been working on making a plan for myself.  Now, I plan on breastfeeding to the best of my ability, so this certainly won’t include crash-dieting, or extreme calorie restriction or anything like that.  I am dedicated, however, to getting myself back to “comfortable” at the very least. Comfortable is not my goal weight/size, but just where clothes FIT and I feel fairly comfortable in my skin.

This will be the first of multiple posts. As I’ve been working on  my plan (planning really helps me out) I’ve re-entered the world of fitness, health and weight loss – and many of the things I’ve been seeing have made me very frustrated, sometimes even steam-coming-out-of-my-ears MAD.

General ideas on posts on this topic to follow:

– The all-or-nothing approach that American society takes to nutrition (All fat is bad, all carbs are bad, all sugar is bad….you’ve all seen it in action).

– The broken food system.

– My take on balance. This topic will be broached a little in this short post, but I plan to really dig into it later.

– My written plan for back-to-comfy – which ties into my take on balance.

Of course – once baby arrives, things may happen slower on the blog (not that I’ve been a terribly prolific poster lately anyway)- so be patient with me!


General thoughts:

Ah, The dreaded – “losing the baby weight.” For me, this is more effectively “losing-the-baby-weight-and-then-some.”

I’ve spent my life convinced that the only ways to be at a healthy weight are these:

1) Have a superfast metabolism. My husband falls into this category. He insists it’s really starting to catch up with him as he nears the end of his 20s but I maintain that he still has no idea how easy he has it in the weight maintenance category. I’m certainly not blessed with a metabolism like this – so I won’t address it further.

2) Excessive, intense and unrelenting practice of cardio. Cardio, cardio, cardio, MORE CARDIO. Throw in some strength so you’re kinda toned, and then do some more CARDIO.  While you’re working on that cardio – you need to restrict your calories. Calories in, calories burned through your relentless cardio sessions, and cut out major food groups.  No sugar or refined carbs – they make you fat. No dairy – it makes you fat. No red meat – it makes you fat.  No treats! Treats make you a failure! You must subsist on lean poultry, fish, veggies and some fruit.

Does that previous paragraph stress you out? Me too. Which is why I’m going to do my best not to go anywhere near that approach as I work to get my body back to comfortable after little Mr. Tot arrives.

Things I will not do:

  • Start really dieting immediately postpartum. I’ll be eating healthy, yes, and being active as soon as I am able, but I’m not going to restrict calories. I’ll have myself PLUS a growing infant to nourish, and nursing requires a higher calorie intake than pregnancy.
  • Cut out major food groups.
  • Trap myself through things that obligate me to dedicate myself to a specific type of activity. This means, no running endurance events. A sprint tri might fit in the next couple years since I very much enjoy biking, swimming and running (but not in excess (please note, excess for me =/= excess for you)), and a sprint tri is very manageable to train for without having to focus too heavily on the 3 sports. However, I won’t be embarking on longer distance tris or other endurance events. At least for now.
  • Count calories/points/etc obsessively. This stresses me out. It consumes my life. It is ultimately the reason I give up on weight loss attempts because I feel like I have to track and if I’m not tracking I’m a failure. Forget it. I doubt I’ll have time for this with a newborn anyway.

Things I will do:

  • Attempt to photo-track my food on my tumblr blog ( – I do this now, if you’re ever wondering what I eat). This is much faster and lower stress than calorie counting, but still provides a similar benefit. I might miss tracking meals or sometimes days. I’m OK with that.
  • I will enjoy dessert in moderation. I will eat steak. I will pair my steak with some veggies because, yes, they ARE good for me. I will eat bread. I will find the diet that makes me feel best. Note that I said FEEL best not LOSE WEIGHT best. I’m tired of the latter pursuit. It only results in stress. I will fuel my body in such a way that both myself and my nursing child (hopefully I’m successful in the nursing thing) are supported nutritionally. This doesn’t include extreme calorie restriction, ever.
  • Stay active. This could include all kinds of things. I’m hoping to integrate things I love like cycling (I miss my bike!), swimming, running, Turbokick and Turbofire (individual TF classes, not a specific Beachbody program – also too restrictive for me!), strength training, inline skating, Doggie park trips with Boo (yes this counts!), walks with the little one and Boo, maybe a yoga class or two, possibly some P90x videos if I’m in the mood, Pilates (I LOVE Pilates), etc. If I can make it work I might even try Crossfit for a little while. It intrigues me. I won’t be going Paleo though. Nope.


I’ll be back with those posts I mentioned once I get coherent blog posts prepped…on the off chance anyone is interested. 🙂



2 thoughts on “My General Ideas for Getting Back to Comfortable Post-Baby

  1. Beth says:

    This is great, Monica! I look forward to following your tips, plans, and progress. I’d love to even try this kind of thing along with you. I like your “back to comfy” mindset!

    For me, I feel like I have been eating like crap since baby came. I eat meals out of boxes and freezer bags…if I can manage to eat at all. It has been so hard for me to manage to cook, and sitting down to eat more than a handful of crackers has been an impossibility. Inevitably, baby needs to nurse as soon as I start to prep a meal or as soon as I’ve poured milk on my cereal. 😛

    I don’t get much time for exercise, but try to get out with the boy for a walk each day, even if he only lasts a block before a meltdown. But I get plenty of activity doing laps around the dining room trying to get him to nap! (We don’t have a rocking chair.) And once he’s asleep on me, I’ll do lunges. 😛

    I had the “9 months to gain it, 9 months to lose it” mindset, so I have been thrilled that at 3.5mo PP, I am 3lbs under my pre preg weight! However, I need to be mindful that as the critter starts solids in the next few months, I will need to be mindful of my calorie intake – as he starts nursing less, I don’t need to be taking in the calories that I did while nursing was his only food source. That’s where many of my friends have had trouble.

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