Weekly Menu Plan 4/16 – 4/22

Hopefully I won’t need all of these! (Or maybe not any of them? Fingers crossed?) I’m convinced the Tot has decided to stay in my womb forever, though, so I’m planning anyway.

Somehow, this week’s menu is less lazy than I have been lately. Maybe it’s a pathetic manifestation of nesting? Let’s hope so. We have our last childbirth class this week (newborn care…fun times) and there’s no time to cook before we head out for those, so I only need 6 meals planned. Just like last week, I’m doing my best to plan meals around stuff we normally have in the fridge or freezer so I don’t have an ingredient spoiling in the fridge if I don’t have a chance to make a particular dish.

Here we go!

Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza – some kind of veggie or salad

This is recycled from the current week. We ended up celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day yesterday 😉 so I can push a meal to next week. I chose the pizza because…well, I haven’t been able to muster the energy to haul out the stand mixer and make the dough yet – not that it’s work intensive at ALL. I’m just…lazy…or – fatigued, I’m going with fatigued. Anyway – MUST DO THAT TONIGHT. I hope I listen to myself.  I’ll pair the pizza with some kind of greenery. Probably a salad. Lots of salads this week.

Coconut Chicken w/ Apricot Sauce, Rice or Couscous, Veggie

Coconut craving strikes again! This just looks delicious…and really not too tough to make. I’ll prep a batch of either couscous or brown rice early in the week and we can use it for multiple meals…this will probably get paired with green beans.

Spicy Sausage Pasta, Salad

One-pot pasta? Sold. I’ll dial down the spice for Mr. Nest….and up the spice for myself, because spicy food is supposed to induce labor – right?

Maple Dijon Chicken, Rice or Couscous, Veggie

This is called “Man-Pleasin’ Chicken” on the website, and I believe it! It just seems funny to write it in my menu plan. I’m sure Mr. Nest will enjoy these, plus it’s easy prep using our usual stash of chicken thighs.

Spinach & Mushroom Frittata, Salad

Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, cheese – and a splash of milk – Bake until no longer jiggly in the middle. We always have these ingredients on hand, so it makes it onto the menu fairly often. Plus, it’s pretty darn healthy.

Grilled Brats, Baked Beans, Salad or Veggie

Mr. Nest is going to pick up a big package of brats at Costco this week. We did that last year and portioned them out to have in the freezer. It was really nice to have for those last minute bring-your-own-meat grill-outs. I haven’t had a brat in a while…sounds tasty. We’ll most likely pair it with some baked beans and greenery of some type.



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