Fruit Share Haul!

Mr. Nest and I decided that this year, since the Tot was on the way, we would invest in some Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) instead of having me attempt to juggle work, baby AND garden. I can now say that, without a doubt, that was the right decision. I’m still struggling with finding balance as a new Mom, and I still consider a 15 minute workout a major accomplishment. Hopefully I’ll get there soon!

In other news, my maternity leave ended on Tuesday and I was back to work Wednesday. How is it that it’s been 12 weeks already? The Tot is getting so big!

Most of the time I think he’s the spitting image of his Daddy (he definitely has Mr. Nest’s eyebrows and expressions) but in these pictures I think he actually looks like me!

The Boo is adjusting pretty well, and I think he actually likes his furless brother sometimes. He got to chase some chickens at Mr. Nest’s parents house this past weekend and had a blast!

Anyway – back to the CSA business.  Last was a fruit share pick-up. The fruit share is a bit different than your traditional CSA because it’s not local. It’s a selection of quality organic fruits from growers nationwide. We got our share from Harmony Valley Farm out of WI, and are certainly not regretting it!

This week we got:

Apricots from Viva Tierra Organics, CA

 There aren’t enough of these to really make much of anything, and Mr. Nest canned whole crate of apricots from Costco the other week, so we’re just munching on these!

Tommy Atkins Mangoes from Homestead Organic Farm, FL

I’m planning to make these into mango avocado salad, and either mango lassis or mango margaritas. I love the combination of mango and avocado! It’s amazing how avocado can either go sweet or savory. I’m hoping to write a post about the salad once I make it.

 Mango lassi will be a great breakfast option I think, healthy and summery! 

Then there’s the margaritas. You can’t go wrong, right? Mine will be light on the alcohol and I’ll be indulging after Tot goes to bed so it will be out of his food supply before he needs to eat again.

White Babcock Peaches from Naylor Ranch, CA

The last time we got peaches I made them into a peach-blueberry crisp, which was seriously delicious, so I did it again. I love to make fruit crisp in the summer and eat it over greek yogurt for breakfast!

Yellow Honey Blaze Nectarines from Naylor Ranch, CA

I tossed some of these in the fruit crisp with the peaches, and the rest are just going to be eaten out of hand. Yum!

Santa Rosa Plums from Twin Girls Ranch, CA

I’m not sure what I’m making with these yet. I’m trying to decide on one of the recipes in Martha Stewart’s plum recipe set. Maybe the plum skillet cake? That looks nice and easy.

Ranier Cherries from Holtzinger Fruit Co, WA

I love Ranier cherries! They’re so sweet and delicate. I doubt I’ll actually make anything with them. They’ll just get washed, dumped in a bowl and consumed! I’m actually almost all the way through these already. 🙂

Sugarone Grapes from Drake Larson Farm, CA 

These will just be eaten out of hand too. The grapes we’ve gotten from our share so far have been really good!

Back with some lifecasting soon! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Fruit Share Haul!

    • Yes, we are loving it. We also have a veggie one that is nice too. It’s getting us to try some veggies we wouldn’t normally buy (like beets), and we’ve ended up trying new ways to prepare things we would normally buy (like radishes). It’s nice to have such a supply of produce around without having to wade through the sometimes subpar selection at the grocery store!

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