Back to Work + Farmers Market + COLOR RUN!

Last Wednesday was back to work for me, it’s hard to believe 12 weeks passed so quickly! It’s odd, because the days at home always seemed so long when I was exhausted but the weeks flew by. How does that work anyway? My first day back wasn’t too bad. I was a little panicky at first when I got to work and my desk was being used by someone else, but that got sorted out quickly. Now I have a new (temporary) cube with a little sliver of window! A nice view + some natural light is doing wonders for my mood.  It’s nice to be able to use the restroom whenever I need to and eat lunch with two hands, but I miss my baby boy.

Tot seems to be doing well at daycare. He’s been pretty tired, but that’s expected. He didn’t eat much the first day using their bottles, but they used our bottles the second day and he doubled what he ate Wednesday. Whew. Huge relief for me.  I’ve been able to produce enough to match his daily intake plus extra, so hopefully I’ll have a nice big stash of milk for him soon and I’ll have a bit more freedom (though that’s getting better already!)

Unfortunately, he does seem to be coming down with a cold. I expected this…and of course I noticed this morning that I seem to have a bit of a sore throat too. Not. Awesome. That’s what I get for being sleep deprived I guess.

This weekend was a busy one!  On Saturday morning we visited the Mill City Farmer’s market with some friends and their little one. It was warm but gorgeous out, and it was a great way to start off our Saturday morning. The Tot slept in his seat the whole way there (thank goodness, he usually screams his head off) and we started off our morning with some breakfast tacos and indian spiced mini donuts from the Chef Shack (no pictures, I was too busy feeding the Tot, he gets super wiggly under the cover when I feed somewhere other than home).  Their Indian spiced mini donuts are pretty famous, so you may have heard of them.

Then, of course, Chef Shack also had softshell crab sandwiches that day so those were necessary. Not healthy, but we don’t get to indulge in these often so I have no guilt whatsoever! Seriously delicious. Sigh.

I also picked up some cute pants for Tot from Sassy Knitwear. I think the stripes on the hiney will accent his fluffy cloth-diapered butt nicely. 🙂

and some delicious rosemary bread from Solomon bakery. I made garlic toast with this for breakfast on Sunday. Oh goodness yum. I think it will make some excellent grilled cheese. 🙂

I started off Sunday with the Minnesota COLOR RUN.  This is that 5k where they throw colored powder on you throughout the race and you’re all colorful at the end.

Here’s a picture of me post-race. This was AFTER I went past the guys holding the leaf-blowers to blow some of the excess powder off of everyone. I’ve still got some blue spots even after scrubbing myself in the shower! Luckily I put some olive oil in my hair so the color came out no problem. I haven’t even tried to deal with my clothes yet though… Mr Nest thought I looked pretty funny when I got home. Whatever, he was just jealous.

The race itself was HOT. It was a good 90 degrees and humid. It was also my first race post-bebe so I didn’t do much running. Maybe 1/3 of it? I had planned to train, but that just didn’t work out. I’m still finding that balance! The Tot is still a bit young for running with the jogger, and he still isn’t so sure he likes it (ok, he’s mostly sure that he DOESN’T like it) so walks/runs are tough much to the dismay of myself and the Boo.

Overall, I’d do the Color Run again. It was a pretty easy flat course at the State Fairgrounds. I’d do the 8am wave instead of the 10am wave though, much cooler!

Sunday night we grilled some steaks and ate on our new patio furniture on the deck! I’m excited to finally have some furniture out there. Now we just need an umbrella for it!

How was your weekend?



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