2012 Goal Update


Since the year is half over already (whoa!) I thought I’d do an update on my 2012 goals post. Here it is!

Goals for 2012

  • Nourish myself and my family with healthy food as often as possible.

Our CSA shares have actually made this pretty easy since they started! There were a few meals from Culvers and some Hamburger Helper in the first month or two….but hey – it happens. Now it’s alot of grilling and lots of produce.

  • Try to make more food items at home (i.e. marinara sauce & bread) instead of buying from the store.

I haven’t made as much as I would like, but I’ve been buying better stuff! That counts, yes? Ramping back up now that Tot is settling into life on the outside.

  • Have a date night (either out or at home) w/ Mr. Nest at least once a month.

I need to work on this one. We haven’t managed it post-baby. Mostly I’m just so tired that all I want to do is sleep when I have a free moment. Ugh.

  • Take better care of the garden this year.

We didn’t go the garden route this year (too much to manage), but our basil is thriving! CSA was a better choice for us this year. Loving it!

  • Do more canning (jarring?) of vegetables and fruit from the garden/farmer’s market to get us through the winter.

Mr. Nest actually has this one covered. He’s recently canned: peaches, peach jam, apricots, apricot jam and blueberry jam. Hopefully tomatoes will happen sometime this year!

  • Exercise in moderation doing things I enjoy on a regular basis (at least 3x a week).

I’ve been working my way back up to this since I’ve been cleared for activity postpartum. It’s not as much as I would like yet, and it’s usually only a 15 minute circuit workout or something…but it’s getting there! I’m losing weight pretty effortlessly due to breastfeeding, but I’d like to get my cardio/strength back up. I’m still not quite into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

  • Blog on a fairly regular basis about things I want to blog about. This does not include attempting perfection, whatever that is.

So far Tot has derailed this one, but I’m getting back on track (as evidenced by this post.) Hopefully I’ll get back to regular weekly menu posts soon!

  • Take a class through community education.

I haven’t done this yet. Hey, I’ve still got 6 months!

  • Do a better job of maintaining the cleanliness of our home.

Yeah, this one.  Tot + house repairs have made this one fall by the wayside, but it’s getting better! I haven’t touched the downstairs in a while due to the house repairs, but it’ll be nice and clean once they’re done! I’m keeping up with laundry if nothing else.

How have you been doing on your goals/resolutions?



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