Random Thoughts.

1) I love food trucks. Possibly too much. However,  I somehow managed to get a relatively healthy lunch from one called The Bacon Trolley last Thursday. Yes, I know there’s a good handful of bacon on there, but everything else is healthy! Win? I think so.

2) Tot has been so worn out from daycare that he’s crashed right out after a bath + meal when he gets home. I miss him. I’d hold him all night, but there’s so much to do! I have to run laundry and wash the parts for my Medela pump, and freeze milk and pack his diapers for the next day, pack my lunch for the next day, feed myself and Mr. Nest….Breathe, Monica. Breathe. Somehow I have to start fitting a workout in there regularly. Huh.

3) I’m really getting sick of guzzling all this water.

6) Hello, my name is Monica and I’m a cloth diapering addict. How cute is this fitted diaper from Orange Diaper Co?? I’m trying really really hard not to buy too many diapers. I’ve also recently discovered the Goodmamas (a popular fitted diaper manufacturer) Designer facebook page where you find a fabric, get a group of mamas together, and Goodmama manufactures the diapers (or blankets/wetbags/cuddles) for you. Dangerous, I tell you. Dangerous.

7) I’m wearing pre-pregnancy jeans today!  They’re one of my larger pairs, but I’ll take what I can get.

8) I’m so excited for the Olympics! Is it Friday yet? I’m especially looking forward to swimming and sand volleyball. 🙂

9) Tot kept me up most of the night last night. I don’t know if he was particularly hungry or if he’s just been missing me so he’s waking up to hang out but I am sooo tired.

10) Tot’s cousin Ninja Baby came down with a fever yesterday and is still sick. Since we were there visiting this weekend I’m really hoping Tot doesn’t get it. I’m also hoping poor Ninja will get better soon!

11) Mr. Nest went salmon fishing on Lake Michigan this weekend, and we have an entire cooler full of salmon! (I need to get better about taking photos). Now I need to get creative about using it. Maybe I’ll smoke or cure some of it? Hmm…

How was your weekend? What’s your favorite salmon recipe?



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