CSA Haul + Weekly Menu Plan

This week’s CSA Haul includes: cucumbers, sweet corn, broccoli, hungarian hot wax peppers, serrano peppers, baby bulb onion, patty pan squash, zucchini and kale. Sorry for the lack of photo! Mr. Nest picked it up this week and it got put away (and some got used) before I managed to snap a photo.

Everything is pretty easy to roll into our everyday eats except the peppers. Mr. Nest HATES spicy food….so I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do with hot-wax peppers and serranos. Huh. I’ll just have to get creative I guess.

Meals for the week:


 I recently found Dashing Dish, and this zucchini bake sounded good! Plus, I have some zucchini that needs to be used. The chicken thighs will probably just be seasoned and grilled up. Pretty basic.
  • Grilled salmon, sweet potato, veggie
 Grilling up some of the salmon Mr. Nest caught this past weekend on a cedar plank. We’ll throw some sweet potato rounds on there and have a veggie on the side. We’ll grill up a couple extra filets for me to put on salads for lunch.
  • Shredded beef tacos/enchiladas w/ salad

We have portions of  shredded brisket in the fridge, so this should be easy to throw together. Spiced beef wrapped in tortillas topped with cheese and enchilada sauce.  Depending on what night it is this might be accompanied by chips + guac and a low-alcohol margarita.

  • Shrimp stir fry (with broccoli, patty pan squash, maybe some zucchini, green beans, etc) with brown rice.
 Shrimp thrown in a pan with whatever veggies sound good to throw in with it. Another one of those use-all-the-veggies meals.
 We love Ree’s flank steak recipe, and it’s easy to make a large amount if you have family over (which we will this weekend). Potatoes with onions and butter in a foil packet and grilled sweet corn on the side.
 Using the big bag of tortellini in the freezer, this should create good leftovers for lunch! 
 I’ve been having trouble with weekday breakfasts lately, so hopefully these will help. We’ll see!
  • Strata w/ rosemary bread, cheese, turkey sausages, kale, mushrooms, some extra fresh rosemary + eggs

This will be one weekend breakfast with some nice leftovers for the week!

 This will be the other weekend breakfast which will also leave leftovers for weekend breakfasts/lunches. Should be good!

These are AWESOME with some avocado. I’ll put them on salads. Yum.

What are you having for dinner this week?



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