Packing Healthy for Work 7/30/12

Good Morning! Last night was pretty rough in our house, but I’m up and rolling (albeit groggily).

Here’s today’s packed food:

Breakfast – Turkey sausage, kale, and mushroom strata w/ smoked gouda + Coco Cafe

Have you tried Coco Cafe? I tried it for the first time this morning, and I think I’m in love. WAY less sugar than your typical packaged coffee drink and not as strong as Dunn Bros Infinite Black (my FAVORITE, but I’ve had to stay away from it since it’s so highly caffienated.)It tastes like those little cans of Starbucks Doubleshot, if you’ve had those. 🙂

Lunch – Leftover grilled sweet potatoes + flank steak over a bed of spinach and half a small avocado.  2 small sliced nectarines for dessert.

Snacks – String cheese, ranier cherries, Fage 0% with homemade blueberry preserves + fresh blueberries, hard boiled egg, & 2 PB oat breakfast cookies.

We’ll see if I need all of this. I’m thinking it’s pretty likely. I also have some Dark Chocolate Dreams PB that I can have a spoonful of if I get too hungry. I know, not terribly healthy, but better than grabbing a Snickers from the vending machine!

What did you pack for work?



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