Packing Healthy for Work – 8/1/12

Sorry this is so late in the day!  I was having some photo-upload difficulties this morning.

I blearily packed this up last night before crashing in the middle of watching women’s gymnastics at 8:30pm. Wild times we new parents have, wild times.

Breakfast: Same as yesterday – Strata + plain small latte from Caribou. The strata is in the picture with my lunch. I was sleeeeepy and trying to condense my photo needs.

Lunch: Leftover Spinach Tomato Cream Tortellini with a handful of extra fresh spinach mixed in.

Snacks: A nectarine + a pluot, both sliced, a hard-boiled egg, string cheese, 1/2 small avocado, Fage 0% w/ blueberry preserves + blueberries, and Ranier cherries.

Truthfully, the yogurt and cherries are leftover from yesterday, my falafel sandwich filled me up and I didn’t end up eating them!

What did you pack for work today?



2 thoughts on “Packing Healthy for Work – 8/1/12

    • I actually just leave my avocado to brown because I don’t like the flavor of lemon juice on it, but lemon juice works beautifully if you’re worried about it! If I’m taking it for work, I usually cut it in half and take the half with the pit in it and leave the skin on. Then there’s limited surface area to oxidize. The brown layer is easy to scrape off, and I actually find that it doesn’t get as brown as one would think if it’s just a whole avocado. I find that guacamole browns faster!

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