Packing Healthy for Work 8/2/12

It’s Thursday! That means tomorrow is Friday! Thank goodness. It was roasty-toasty here in Minnesota yesterday, and I spent the day wishing I could just get to the gym to swim some laps! One of these days it’ll get easier to fit in a workout, right?

Breakfast: I had a bit of a packing fail for breakfast this morning, and ended up snagging a breakfast sandwich at Caribou with my latte. This is the Chicken Apple Sausage Daybreaker and it is delicious. It’s filling and not ridiculously high in calories too – so I consider it a win as far as breakfast-on-the-go goes. Just a basic small latte (no flavor) today. Are you tired of seeing my latte picture yet?

Lunch: This is leftover from dinner last night. Chicken thighs and Pepperoni Pizza Zucchini Bake. We did like the zucchini bake, but I’ll probably add more pepperoni + cheese next time. It’ll be a bit higher in calories, but that’s OK! I also have a Tootsie Roll for dessert that I forgot to snap a picture of.

Snacks: Here we have 2 sliced pluots, an ounce of Kerrygold Aged Cheddar (a small portion of awesome cheese is where it’s AT my friends), 1/2 small avocado (yes I eat these constantly, I know! We got a bunch in last week’s fruit share and I’m in heaven), a hard-boiled egg, a small container of Vita Coco with pineapple  and some of these wierd Japanese Hello Panda biscuits filled with milk-cream. 🙂 The panda biscuits are not healthy, of course, but I’m going for balance as opposed to restriction.

I started craving coconut while I was pregnant with Tot, and I’ve continued to enjoy it. It’s funny how pregnancy changes your tastebuds!

Are you packing healthy for work today?



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