Packing Healthy for Work 8/9


I’m loving the cooler weather we’re having in Minnesota this week. It’s a welcome relief from the oven that was July! I’m glad this week is almost over. The Tot woke up every 3 hours last night for some reason and Mama is exhausted!

Here’s what I packed today:

Breakfast: Honey nut cheerios w/ 1% milk, coffee w/ creamer and a splash of milk – not pictured – I actually managed to eat this at HOME today! Woo! Not very protein-rich, but better than nothing. I really need to do some homemade make-ahead breakfast sandwiches or burritos again. Those work so nice and actually keep me full!

Lunch: Leftover pad see ew (with shrimp, green beans, + bell peppers) from last night w/ extra spinach to be mixed in.

Snacks: String cheese, blueberry Noosa (not low calorie, but highly delicious and highly satisfying), a peach, and the pluot I didn’t eat yesterday (not pictured).

What did you pack today?



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