Packing Healthy for Work 8/10 – it’s FRIDAY!

Whew. Made it through another week! 

Last night was a bit of a rough night. The Tot slept two 3-hour stretches, and then was up every hour until I put him in our bed to sleep snuggled up against me. I think he was cold, so that means it’s about time to invest in some long sleeved t-shirts and some wool longies (basically wool pants) for pajamas (One of these days I’ll write a cloth diaper post to explain this – for those who are curious.) He was quite cheerful this morning, though, so apparently I’m the only one worse-for-wear.

So, since I didn’t sleep and woke up late – this happened again:

Caribou chicken apple sausage daybreaker + a small latte with a 1/2 shot of hazelnut syrup.

But it could be worse right? On a positive note, it’s a gorgeous morning! Clear and crisp. I know most people are still loving summer, but I am always longing for Fall weather. There’s nothing I like better, so I’ll enjoy every second of it when I get it!

My lunch & snacks today are neither super healthy nor super unhealthy, they just are.

Lunch: Leftover Digornio, spinach salad + corn + goat cheddar

Snacks: Cottage cheese, string cheese, grapes, cherries, chocolate pudding, a pluot, a peach, and a can of Peace Tea pink lemonade + tea.

Fruit overload – I know. The friday after we get our fruit share is always like that! I probably won’t manage to eat it all.  The pink lemonade + tea is pretty good, and surprisingly reasonable calorie wise (the whole can is 150 calories – which is less than most 12oz cans of soda).

 Any fun plans for the weekend? Our schedule is completely open, amazingly, we’ll see if the Tot and I can find something fun to do!

Happy Friday!



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