Stitch Fix #1

I got my first Stitch Fix!


Stitch Fix is a company that essentially provides you with an online personal stylist. Here’s how it works:

1) You sign up and recieve your invite (if you want to sign up – here’s my referral link!)

2) You log in and fill out your style profile. It’s pretty comprehensive and does a great job of determining your style (I think), plus I gave them the option to check out my Pinterest boards, so they were able to see what kinds of things I liked there as well.

3) You schedule your fix. There is a $20 styling fee up front that can be applied to any items you purchase. They usually ship out at the beginning of the week. Mine shipped Monday and arrived Wednesday.

4) You recieve your fix – and try everything on! They send five items handpicked for you in the price range you indicated in your profile. It sounds like four are very much your style, and they usually send one item that stretches your comfort zone a little.

5) You decide what you want and don’t want. You send the things you don’t want back in their prepaid package, and log on to your Stitch Fix account to give them feedback on what you liked/didn’t like and pay for whatever you decided to purchase.

So, here’s what was in the box!


First- The keeper. This was the first thing I pulled out of the box. I put it on immediately, and wore it around the house for the rest of the night. I’m also wearing it today! (Sorry about the bathroom photo. It was the only place with mirror that worked for the photo.) It’s a gorgeous soft, chunky knit with fabulously vibrant colors. I’m in love.

 Multi Color infinity scarf by Mink Pink – this one didn’t have a photo styling card with it.


I wanted to love this gorgeous cardigan they sent, but it just didn’t work for me. The color and texture were wonderful, as was the fit. The only problem was the longer pieces of the hem in the front – I think you can see on the styling card. They went down to my knees and I felt like it made me look shorter. Bummer. If it would have had a straight hem I would have bought it!


This cowl front shirt was lovely too, but just not for me. It was a bit sheer in the back, so I didn’t think it would be versatile enough to wear to work. It also clung a bit to areas I’d rather not emphasize. The color is a lovely neutral though and it feels great on! Plus, the cowl neck has a great drape to it.


This dress was a little out of the box for me. It’s made of lovely soft fabric – stretchy and comfy and easy to get on and off. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit me. It ran a bit small and was too tight. I couldn’t get the leopard belt buckled :(. I do like the idea of having more work appropriate day dresses, but this one just didn’t work for me (which is too bad, because it would have been the perfect canvas for my new scarf!)


And last, but not least, this jacket. It’s more of a fall/spring jacket in a Minnesota climate, so I knew that I wouldn’t be getting any use out of it for a couple months. Plus, it’s not really my style – I think this is the one that was meant to be out of my comfort zone a little. Like everything else, it’s a really high quality jacket with great fabric and nice details. Just not a Monica jacket. 🙂


So, that was my first fix! I only ended up keeping the infinity scarf, but that’s OK. It was all kinds of fun to get the package and try stuff on. Everyone wants a personal stylist, right? I already scheduled my next fix for January!

What do you think? Will you schedule a fix?

Just a reminder – if you read my post and decide you want to try Stitch Fix – please use my referral code! 🙂



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