Fitness Plan – 2/25-3/3

I’ve signed up to do a Tough Mudder in September with some friends, so it’s time to really start pushing myself.  Here’s my schedule for this week for accountability!

My current goals – get my cardio fitness back up to where I like it to be, improve my upper body strength (my real weak point where Tough Mudder is concerned) and as always – lose a few inches.  I’ll be doing alot of Turbofire, probably some P90x (I might do a TF/P90x hybrid in a couple months), some of the Tough Mudder circuit workouts, some classic cardio (running with Boo, rollerblading, cycling etc) – and the Zumba & Bodypump classes I signed up for through Community Ed.

Here goes!

Monday: TurboFire – Fire 30

Tuesday: Beginner Zumba – I signed up for 6 weeks of this through Community Ed. I probably should have signed up for regular Zumba, but I’ve never been good at dancing – so I thought starting with the beginner would be better. Last week was kind of boring, but hopefully it will pick up as people start learning more moves!

Wednesday: Mudderling Circuit – from the Tough Mudder website.  I like the circuits on the website. They’re challenging, but don’t take all day.

Thursday: TurboFire – Fire 45 EZ or Fire 55EZ – depends on how I feel.

Friday: Turbofire HIIT 15 + Sculpt 30

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Bodypump at a local gym. I signed up for this through Community Ed too. My first class was last night, and it was a bit confusing (mostly because I had no idea what equipment I needed) but I think next week will be good. I really enjoyed the class!

What’s your workout plan this week?


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