Stitch Fix #2

I’m finally managing to blog about my 2nd Stitch Fix! This one was fabulous, and I ended up buying everything in it. 🙂

In case you didn’t catch my post on my first Stitch Fix Stitch Fix is a company that essentially provides a personal shopping/styling service online. You sign up, fill out an extensive style profile, and schedule a fix. They send you a box with 5 items (accessories, tops, bottoms, dresses and/or outerwear – you can select which types you want to recieve) for you to try on. You are charged a $20 styling feel that can be credited toward anything you purchase out of the box – and you get a 25% discount if you purchase everything. Anything you don’t want to purchase you can send back in the pre-paid packaging that is included in your box. Super easy. 🙂 If you want to try it, sign up with my referral link!

Now – to the items.
First – I’m not sure where the card for this necklace went – but I love it! It’s super versatile and I wear it often.

Next – Glam Mission 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Blouse. This shirt is something I wouldn’t normally grab. It’s bright colored, a little bit sheer (but not overly so, it’s work appropriate) and has a nice loose-ish fit. It’s really versatile – I’ve worn it with jeans on a casual day, with black pants to work, and even out on the town for a friend’s birthday!

 728805_10100382434186260_190203422_o 708524_10100382432300040_866078006_o 567329_10100382432354930_1399111040_o

This Collective Concepts Koi 3/4 Sleeve Low V-Neck Top is a great addition to my work wardrobe. It’s really comfortable and the pattern is fun.  Pardon the ugly photo. I’m terrible at selfies – I am wearing the necklace too though! It has a nice button up sleeve detail that I really like.

708475_10100382433807020_1816099694_o 729844_10100388566821410_248813311_o 729845_10100382432838960_262738576_o 728567_10100382432484670_1121719970_o

This Marguerite Chevron Open Cardigan  is really cozy without being too heavy. It goes with EVERYTHING.

567086_10100382433652330_539999400_o 730470_10100382433088460_1360432554_o567041_10100382433203230_297376667_o

This Tatou Origami Belted Dress by Milla is a a great basic black dress. It’s modest – so I can wear it to work with some tights – but it  can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

728826_10100382435837950_570889790_o 728610_10100382432010620_791656424_o 729799_10100382433442750_1436766940_o

So there you have it! Stitch Fix #2!

I didn’t take pictures of Stitch Fix #3. 😦 But I’ll be sure to snap some photos of #4!



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