Friday Favorites

A few of my favorite things lately:

1) This kid.

He’ll be ONE in less than 2 months! Anyone know how that happened? Geesh. This picture is a couple months old (hence the Christmas bow), he now has more hair and more teeth!


2) Chobani Bite.


The  Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips flavor is my current favorite. I’m loving the smaller container of a richer flavor!

3) TurboFire.

I’ve finally managed to get enough rest to squeeze some fitness into my schedule (thank goodness) and my TurboFire DVDs have been invaluable. I really like group fitness, but it’s tough to find a class at 8pm, you know? So TurboFire is a lifesaver! I’m thinking about becoming a Turbokick PRO too (Turbokick is essentially TurboFire for group fitness in health clubs. It’s great because they come out with a new round every couple months or so – so there’s more variety.)

4) Longer days!

Late winter is tough for me because I get to work in the dark, and it gets dark shortly after I leave work. No fun! Lately I’m getting a little sunlight and I’m loving it! It really helps with my energy level. Is anyone else feeling better about life in general since the days have gotten longer?

5) My new softshell.

I’ve been in need of a new lighter jacket, and this Women’s Mithril Jacket by Outdoor Research has been on my list for a while. I got it in Emerald (pantone color of the year?). It’s a bit brighter than I expected, but I still love it – and I love that it has a hood. I found it on SALE at The Clymb.  The Clymb (the link will send you to my referral link) is a deals website for outdoor/fitness gear (fitness apparel & accessories, climbing gear, camping gear, yoga gear, etc.) they have some great deals!

6) My Sodastream.

I’m a sparkling water addict. I finally sucked it up and bought the cheapest version of the Sodastream and it’s been fabulous. I’ve been bringing 2L of sparkling water to work with me every day – increased water intake + no extra money spent on sparkling water. This thing is going to pay for itself pretty quickly (plus I had a $20 rebate! Win.). I really like the sparkling water flavors, and Nate approves of the soda flavors.


7) The Smitten Kitchen cookbook.  I love Deb’s approach to cooking. It pulls me out of my comfort zone to…well, right where I want to be. I’m cheerfully cooking my way through this cookbook and I love it.

8) Nathan Fillion. As always, catching up on Castle episodes reminds me that he’s pretty much my hero. Let’s not diminsh Firefly either – it’s far too awesome for that.

9) and last, but not least,this furry, corn-chip-smelling, snuggly ball of love.


That’s all for today. Happy Friday!



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