Fitness Plan 3/4-10

It’s a snow day for many people here in MN, but I braved the nastiness and hauled my butt (and my Medela, my laptop and my lunch- ugh) to the train station this morning for a 2-hour commute into the office. I’m hoping the snow is light today so my evening commute isn’t awful.  I probably should have telecommuted. Hmm. Lesson learned.

Here’s this week’s workout plan. There are alot of Beachbody workouts here, I know – TurboFire and P90x, because that’s what we have at home. I’m on a workout DVD kick – and I don’t have a gym membership right now, so the only thing not done at home is my community ed Bodypump class on Sundays (the Zumba class got cancelled because not enough people signed up).

Monday: Off – it wasn’t really intended to be off, but I couldn’t muster the energy after my commute yesterday to do anything but fall asleep on the couch after dinner.

Tuesday:  HIIT workout – most likely TurboFire HIIT 15.  My day won’t be any shorter today, but I think I can swing 15 minutes.

Wednesday:  Off

Thursday: Mudderling Circuit from the Tough Mudder website. This is the easiest circuit workout (but not actually “easy” by any stretch of the imagination)- including only 3 rounds.

Friday: Fire 30

Saturday: Fire 55 EZ or P90x Core Synergistics. Core synergistics is my favorite P90x workout, so I’ll probably do that one…if we can find the P90X DVDs! They seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle of our basement repairs.

Sunday: Bodypump

What’s your workout plan this week?





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