Friday Favorites for March 8!

It’s Friday already. Huh. This week has been a classic “the days are long, but the weeks are short” kind of time period for me. As always, I feel like I didn’t get enough done – but at the same time, so what? I’m tired of trying to be supermom (though at some point I’ll attempt to do it again and remind myself why I chose not to do it in the first place.). Anyway – on to the favorites!

  • Sleepy babies. Especially because most attempts to take photos of him lately turn out like the second photo. Constant motion!

855653_10100427249041930_1515956063_o  855618_10100427936354550_1875731888_o

  • Opportunities to wear my Alpha Sigma Alpha badge. I don’t bust out the rubies and pearls often enough these days.



  • I discovered Mindbloom this week, and I’m loving it. I can only use the Life Game right now because the Juice and Bloom apps are for Iphone only (grumble grumble – why is it that all the apps I want are only made for Iphone? Just as many people have Android phones! Boo.) But they say they’re developing an Android app. I hope it comes soon! Anyway, the Life Game is kinda fun – it’s an inspiration/life development tool, so you create your tree and the branches are different aspects of your life (health, relationships, career, etc). You choose actions to do every day that support/build these areas of your life – and your tree grows! Am I wierd to think that’s fun? I like it.  And I think my favorite part is that when I hit the “Get Inspired” button there is an endless slide show of awesome photos with quotes attached. Love that. If you decide to join the life game – let me know so we can be friends! 🙂
  •  Bigelow “Constant Comment” black tea. I love this tea! It’s flavored/scented with orange rind and a “sweet spice” and it smells incredible when it’s brewing. Definite pick me up in the morning (or in that afternoon slump).


  • Cuties. Is there anyone who doesn’t love these?  They’re easy to peel, portable and tasty.  Though, admittedly, as much as I love citrus I’m ready for some spring/summer fruit!


  • I confirmed that we’ll be getting both a fruit and veggie CSA share again this year! We have a full fruit share and will have an every-other-week veggie share through Harmony Valley Farm. I’m excited to have  more spring veggies – last year we had our veggie share with a smaller farm and essentially got 90% beets and kale. I love beets and kale, of course, but I’m hoping for some ramps, or garlic scapes or broccoli! I’ll definitely do some CSA haul posts this year too!
  • One of my favorite guilty pleasures: The Chicken Apple Sausage Daybreaker from Caribou. Anyone else? The darn things are just so good. I have no idea why, because it’s a reheated breakfast sandwich for cripes sake – but I love them.
  •  LuSa Organics sleeping potion. It’s basically an aromatherapy essential oil blend that is supposed to be relaxing and help babies sleep.  I don’t know if it’s making a huge difference, but it smells lovely. We have some Cranky Pants on the way. Hopefully if we put it in Dave’s bath he won’t be such a grouchopotamus for Daddy as he gets him ready for bed.

Happy Friday!



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