Weekly Meal Plan 3/19-24, 2013

Menu planning was a bit of a struggle for this week. I’m working on cleaning all the random things out of our cabinets – so I have a bit less freedom in what I’m making.  With the exception of the minestrone soup and the goat cheese in the meatballs all of these meals are paleo/Whole30 compliant.  I’m working on transitioning back into that eating style in an 80/20 kind of way since I know it works for me.

Dave will eat all of these things. He’s being a bit more selective these days (cheese, sweet potatoes, more cheese, turkey, more cheese – you know) but I’m just going to keep offering everything.

Tuesday:  Minestrone Soup

This one is a big use-up-the-randoms meal. We have a can of cannellinis we need to use, and I’ll probably toss in the remnants of  bags of lentils, split peas and couscous to get them used up.

Wednesday: Moroccan Chicken Tagine, Veggie

I may post this recipe after I make/modify it – but suffice it to say that it sounds fancy, but it’s actually really simple (and fast!).

Thursday: Veggie-topped Meatzza w/ Salad
We didn’t end up making meatzza the other week, so I tossed it back in this week. It’s so easy to make.  I know – it’s easy to think about the way people eat pizza and think “gah – that’s alot of meat!” but you really don’t need large portions of meatzza to be satisfied since protein fills you up so well.
Friday: Paleo Potsticker Burgers w/ Asian Slaw & asian-ified spinach salad
New recipe! 🙂
Saturday:  Chocolate chili 
We’ll add some veggies to this – shredded carrots probably, maybe some bell pepper  (I know, chili is supposed to be meat and chilis – nothing else, but I need to make this a sustainable meal for our family so I’m adding veggies.)
Sunday: Turkey, Goat Cheese & Spinach Meatballs, Sweet Potato, Veggie
This meatball recipe is incredibly simple. Chop some spinach and roll it into a pound of ground turkey with a pack of goat cheese.  Make meatballs. Bake until done.   If you’re going pale0 – sub an egg for the goat cheese.  If you season well you won’t miss it!

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