Elizabeth & Clarke Subscription Box

Sorry for being MIA! Baby got sick, then Daddy got sick, and now I’m just getting over being sick. Buh. I’m back now. There’ll be a post about the IE challenge coming soon!

Here’s another fashion-y post. I don’t claim to be a fashion guru (jeans + simple top + cardigan is my typical uniform) but I’m trying! I’m intrigued by the colored denim trend and am thinking about getting a pair. Maybe these? The colored-ness is out of my comfort zone a bit, but the olive color isn’t too loud…plus they’re on sale!  Thoughts?

Anyway – on to the real post for today:
I came across Elizabeth and Clarke through Plum District. They had a deal – so I thought I would give it a try. Elizabeth and Clarke is a subscription service that sends you 1-3 (depending on your membership) neutral tops each season. I got the 3-shirt spring box – and this is what arrived (please pardon the crappy photos):

Bear with me – I don’t remember the names of these, and they’re not up on the website anymore. 😦

First is this long-sleeved white button up. It’s a sheer-ish super silky fabric with a “trendy” giant pocket. I love the fabric and (surprisingly) the pocket. The sleeves are a bit wierd (see the detail photo) but they work just fine rolled up underneath a cardigan.  This is a little out of the box for me, since I’ve always been afraid of button-ups (I have broad shoulders and they usually don’t fit) but this one is super comfortable!

888612_10100450525400920_1327576922_o    899906_10100450525615490_1057442937_o

Next is this racerback cotton tank also with a giant pocket. This is my favorite shirt from the box, and the one I’ve worn the most. It’s SUPER soft, and the neckline is really nice (not too low). It’s very flattering and comfortable. If they were available in multiple colors I would probably buy more!

895106_10100450525755210_509062425_o 900020_10100450524891940_1211113772_o

Last is this shirt. The tail part is supposed to be tucked in…I think. This one doesn’t fit me quite as well (it’s tight around the chest -which is surprising) but I do like the pleating in the front – so I’m going to try it with a blazer or cardigan and see how I like it.


What do you think. Does a neutral-tops box like Elizabeth and Clarke appeal to you?



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