Update and Menu Plan. :)

Well, it’s been a little over a year since I last posted here. It’s interesting, because I get too perfectionistic about the blog, stop writing and then…some days, I just have WORDS, and saving them to my “Pensieve” folder in my Gmail account just isn’t going to cut it.

On this rainy morning, as I’m sitting with a cup of iced coffee on the couch with Boo, it feels right to take a few minutes before I start working to post again. I’ll start with an update and our Menu Plan for the week.

Life is completely different than it was yesterday, but also strangely the same. Isn’t that always how it goes?  I started a new job at the beginning of September, which resulted in a shorter commute (WIN) and a job I’m really enjoying. It’s really on the opposite side of my field and I’m thriving on the variety and different approach to things. I really enjoy working for a small private company that has the ability to appreciate it’s employees. I feel much less lost, like I can see potential paths and my ability to pursue them.

Dave turned two in April, and he is probably pretty typical for a two year old boy. He’s a cheerful, silly, intelligent little one who loves Thomas the Tank Engine (love might be an understatement, actually), singing songs, reading books and mud puddles. He loses his shit about silly things like any 2-year-old, but that’s to be expected. 🙂


Boo turned 10 in March, and he comes to work with me sometimes now! He loves all the ear scratches. He’s getting more curmudgeonly every day, and starting to get a bit stiff in his old age, but otherwise he’s doing great.

10173033_10100814914347550_1597841805_o (1)

Without further ado: Here’s our menu plan for this week. We did a family Whole30 in March, and I am still eating mostly Primal-style because it’s what makes me feel best.

Happy Thursday!



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